Riverwind Fellowship
     Food Bank Pantry

                            Mission Vision & Values

M- The Mission of Storehouse Food Pantry is simple.
Feed those who are hungry; help those who can't help themselves. To educate, empower and enlighten the community through the love of Jesus Christ. Feed them Body Soul and Spirit.

V- We envision a community in which everyone has acess to sufficient nutritious food.

V- We believe that acess of food is a basic human right. We strive to provide our services with compassion & respect for the dignity of those in need! 
                                         Why another food bank?
It takes many food banks to feed those who are hungry. We can't do it alone. We need to network together to end hunger in our community ! Storehouse Food Pantry takes a stratigic, multifaceted approach, that provides meals. We can and will deliver directly to your door. We are well aware of this communities struggle to access good food and adequate amount of food necessary for a healthy life!
                             What is Hunger?
Hunger is a condition in which people do not get enough food to provide the nutrients for a healthy life. For example : individuals may lack money to maintain a balanced diet, So they cut meal sizes or skip meals. They go hungry! We are here to help!      Matt. 25: 35-36  "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat"

                                  Storehouse Food Pantry
                                         Who do we help?                                                     Those who are experiencing a crisis, the working poor, seniors, generall those who find themselves with an empty pantry. We accept walk-ins, we send out volunteers to visit homes and deliver food boxes.
               Operational Hours: 9am- 3pm Monday-Friday
Call to make appointments after hours or for Saturdays and Sundays
                                     (208) 761-2367   Email